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The Adventure begins...

The post Pastor of Lancing Tab adventure has begun. It has been both odd and exciting to take another turn in the calling to follow Jesus. It is a privilege to be able to concentrate more time and effort on helping others to develop as preachers.

I was reminded of the importance of this task while reading Bob Letham’s succinct and eminently readable Systematic Theology (Crossway 2019). It is good to see the subject of preaching treated so sensitively and fully in such a tome. Letham reminds us of the necessity of preaching: “At the heart of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity are love and communication... Communication is at the heart of who God is and what he does.” (p. 624)

Preaching is one of the ways that we can express creativity as image bearers of the living God.

The Lord is the speaking God; our preaching is a faithful and imaginative echo of that voice.

Preachers preach the word of God; the God who speaks.

Preachers preach the gospel of Jesus the word become flesh.

Preachers preach a God-breathed word, authored by the Spirit and empowered by the Spirit.

Preach the word! A noble task for a gracious master.

I was struck by the combination of love and communication that it at the heart of the Trinity and at the heart of good preaching. Without the first, love we will never really get the second, communication off the ground. It is all wrapped up in the two great commandments: Love God and Love people!

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