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The School of Preachers has the objective of providing training in the development of preachers and the skills required for preaching and teaching.





The School of Preachers is committed to biblical Christianity, as reflected in the Evangelical Alliance Statement of faith, which is our basis of faith.​




The School of Preachers seeks to promote the preaching ministry through example, coaching individual preachers and preaching teams, and through seminars, courses and written materials.

Training Director John Woods

John is married to Anne who is a nurse and they have three grown-up children and four grandchildren. He is an East Anglian, growing up there, becoming a Christian, and serving for fifteen years in his first pastorate in Suffolk before moving to serve in West Sussex From 1997 until 2020. For more than a quarter of a century, John has also had close links with the Baltic state of Latvia, where he is involved in teaching preachers at the Latvian Biblical Centre, and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

John takes a keen interest in most sports (he is an Ipswich Town Supporter), contemporary music, films and literature. He is also an interested observer of the wider Christian scene and interested in maintaining creative links with other evangelical Christians. As a result of these reflections, he has written a book entitled Fly on the Fence which is published by OM Publishing. John also has undertaken study in the art of preaching, completing two post-graduate degrees in preaching at Spurgeon’s College, and has led preaching seminars and courses in the UK, Latvia, Kenya, Burundi and the US.  In 2014 John had a chapter on preaching published in the book Text Message published by Pickwick Publications. John's book on preaching God is in the House was published by Langham 2022 (See Resources).



The Trustees oversee and are responsible in law for every aspect of the work of the School of Preachers. This includes all aspects of its governance and compliance – and ensuring sound financial practice at every stage.


Glenys Handscomb

Karen Hart

Susan Lyon

Susan worked as a speech and language therapist in the NHS for her entire professional life. Latterly she has specialised in training school staff to enable them to support children with a range of communication difficulties She was a church leader for many years in Suffolk.

Julian Rebera

Julian is a  Pastor at the Grace Church Plant in Brighton, has been on leadership since its inception in 1996 and became its leader in 2007. He is married to Georgie and has four grown-up daughters and three grandchildren. His passion is the gospel and making it known.

Michael Vickers​​​

After a successful 17-year business career in sales and marketing, Michael was ordained in the church of England.

He served in a team ministry in Roker Sunderland followed by 7 years as pastor of an Anglican church in Hong Kong and then 15 years as Vicar of St. Luke’s church Cranham ( London borough of Havering). Michael’s ministry involved evangelising, training, and raising up preachers and ordained ministers, growing new congregations, releasing new ministries and church planting and church building projects.

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